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Adjustable 3 Axis Vibration Endurance Test Machine 2m/s Maximum Speed

China Dongguan Xinbao Instrument Co., Ltd. certification
China Dongguan Xinbao Instrument Co., Ltd. certification
This is my second cooperation with OTS, the machine is very good, and fast service. Look forward our next order.

—— Vinod Kumar Pandey

OTS is a very professional manufacturer for our customized machine. The quality is very surprising under such a friendly price.

—— Kohut Gabor

I visited OTS factory before order. I like their production machines, and experienced technicians. Now we have annual order from them, it is always a happy cooperation with them.

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Adjustable 3 Axis Vibration Endurance Test Machine 2m/s Maximum Speed

Adjustable 3 Axis Vibration Endurance Test Machine 2m/s Maximum Speed
Adjustable 3 Axis Vibration Endurance Test Machine 2m/s Maximum Speed
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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Dongguan,China
Brand Name: OTS
Certification: CE/ISO
Model Number: XB-OTS-DC600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Export plywood case suitable for different and long distance transportation
Delivery Time: 30 days after payment
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 Sets/Month
Detailed Product Description
Dimension: 600L*600Dmm Square Axis: 3 Directions X-Y-Z
Max Load: 45kg Frequency Range: 5-2000Hz
Max Acceleration: 981m / S2 Maximum Speed: 2m/s
High Light:

shaker test equipment


vibration lab equipment

25g Acceleration Adjustable 3axis Shaker Table Vibration Test Machine



Equipment breakdown Introduction


1.Vibration table

* Dual magnetic structure of the high magnetic field strength, magnetic flux leakage; special degaussing structure can drop 1mT the following table magnetic flux leakage.


*Adopt dynamic optimization of dynamic skeleton in reducing moving parts while improving the quality of the first-order resonance frequency, broadening the electrodynamic vibration limit the operating frequency.


*Built-supporting air spring-loaded, large capacity, good low-frequency characteristics


*Multi-layer rubber isolation trunnion vertical orientation; when a large load of work, platform smooth movement; vertical vibration-free with special foundations.


*System with platform body overheating, overload, over-current, over-voltage, over displacement protection. Grid overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of equal protection. Driving power protection, current limiting protection, soft start settings, temperature protection, excitation open, short circuit protection, fault protection and other protection modules.


*And digital vibration control device support can be achieved sine, random, classical shock, shock response spectrum, various environmental adaptability sinusoidal vibration test random + random + random vibration.


*System requirements for low voltage fluctuations (≤ ± 10%).


*Low resistance grounding system requirements (≤ 4Ω).


*High system reliability, especially suitable for long-running work environment.



*The introduction of foreign technology, key components and materials imported (air springs, epoxy resin, stainless steel, rubber shock absorber, etc.);


*Built-supporting air spring-loaded, large carrying capacity;


*Multi-layer rubber isolation trunnion vertical orientation;


*Using finite element analysis made no skeleton dynamic, more efficient while increasing the resonance frequency of the moving coil moving parts to reduce the quality


2.Digital switching power amplifier


2.1 Overview

The system uses a sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology digital power amplifier. Its working principle is: the use of high-frequency switching capability MOSFET FET, the controller input low voltage signal is amplified and revert to the original signal by a digital circuit, and then output to the shaking table moving coil lines, pushing shaker table movement. The main components of a digital power amplifier: Front control, power amplifier modules, protection circuits, power section and electrical cabinets. The modular design of the system is driven by a small thrust, the thrust and high thrust series shaker. The output range of the power amplifier is 1kVA ~ 300kVA. System Specifications fully applicable to existing or new air-cooled or water-cooled electric vibration table.


2.2 Features:

* Easy maintenance : interchangeable power module box , compact , space-saving , easy maintenance, repair and quick.


* LCD : logic module using CPU microcomputer chip processor , LCD display ; system can display a variety of detailed data ( true RMS value of the output amplifier , attach additional data ) and operating status and fault diagnosis . And has a remote control , telemetry, remote functions , user-friendly, easy to operate.


* Protection function : Set the power amplifier overvoltage, undervoltage power grid phase, logical failure , power module protection , power module temperature, output overcurrent, output overvoltage , power supply , Taiwan displacement , platform temperature , external interlock protection circuit , when any fault occurs , turn off the output, sound and light alarm .


* high conversion efficiency ( greater than 95% ) , high switching frequency modulation .


* High Performance indicators : using sinusoidal pulse width modulation frequency doubling technology, high switching frequency, high signal to noise ratio , total harmonic distortion sex .


* high power factor : The power factor compensation device , amplifier power factor up to 95% , making the grid capacity can be fully utilized .


* data record : logic module can record the running time , a fault condition , the maximum output .


* uses are streaming technology : electronic automatic current technology , parallel current imbalance ≤ 1%.


* Advanced technology : Japan and Europe to absorb advanced technology, and combined with its own high-frequency switching power supply control technology, through secondary development technology more advanced, more reliable , and fully modular


System Performance parameters


Vibration table
Sine thrust 600kgf
Random thrust 600kgf
Impact thrust 1200kgf
Frequency Range 5~2000Hz
Continued displacement 51mm
The impact of displacement 51mm
Maximum speed 2m/s
Maximum acceleration 981m/s2
Moving coil diameter Φ150mm
Allow eccentric moment >190N.m
Load connection point 6 piont
Equivalent mass of moving parts 6kg
Countertops screw size (standard) M8
Screw layout table (diameter, circumference) 8 on Φ100mm,8 on Φ,200mm.
Axial isolation frequency <3Hz
Maximum load 120Kg (customer request 45Kg)
Magnetic flux leakage <1mT
Dimensions (without packaging)(L×W×H) 1600mm×985mm×850mm
Vibration table Weight 1850kg
Amplifier output 8kVA
SNR >65dB
System Protection The entire power amplifier has: Grid overvoltage, undervoltage power grid phase, logical failure, power module protection, power module temperature, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, power supply, displacement units, units body temperature, external linkage, etc. protection circuit, when any fault occurs, turn off the output, sound and light alarm. In addition to the above protection, it also has a protective function RMS values of tolerance protection, emergency stop devices, such as improving running.
Rated output voltage 120Vrms
Amplifier efficiency >95%
Power 0.75kW  
Airflow 0.3m3/s
Duct diameter 120mm
Pressure 0.048kgf/cm2
Vertical extension table
Table size 600mm×600mm
Equivalent mass 23kg
Upper frequency 2000Hz
Countertop Materials Aluminium
Horizontal slide
Table size 600mm×600mm
Thickness 30mm
Countertops weight 36kg
Frequency 2000Hz
Bearing number 1
Bearing weight 0.58kg
Connector Weight 1.4kg
Maximum Load 300kg
Countertop Materials Aluminium




Vertical Vibration Reliability Test

Through the vibration controller of the signal source output to the power amplifier, amplified by the signal and then input to the vibration table body, generating excitation source, simulate the actual situation of the specimen to the vertical vibration test; through the acceleration sensor signal acquisition and input to Vibration control device, the output signal and feedback signal stacking calculation, to achieve the excitation source and the target spectrum of high degree of coincidence. The system is given by the signal target spectrum, to complete the vibration test of the specimen, the test specimen vibration durability, integrity and so on.










Test Content

  • Random vibration test

Random vibration test according to the actual environmental requirements are the following types: broadband random vibration test, narrowband random vibration test, broadband random plus one or several sinusoidal signals, broadband random plus one or several narrowband random. The first two are randomized trials, the latter two are mixed type can also be classified into randomized trials. Stochastic control uses the transfer function equalization method to continuously output Gaussian random signals, and quickly performs real-time accurate closed-loop control. The built-in adaptive control algorithm can react quickly to the nonlinearity of the system. The random control also provides kurtosis control functions specifically designed for reliability enhancement tests. The working principle of the electric shaking table is based on the amperometric law of the current-carrying conductor acting in the magnetic field by the electromagnetic force



  • Sinusoidal vibration test

Sine vibration test control parameters are mainly two, namely the frequency and amplitude. According to the frequency change and invariant divided into fixed frequency and sweep two. Fixed frequency test is mainly used for:

A) Resonance frequency processing: the vibration frequency of the product found in the frequency of the apparent resonance frequency, the provisions of the vibration parameters of the vibration amplitude to assess the product resistance to resonance vibration.

B) Resistance to constant frequency processing: In the known product using the ambient conditions of vibration frequency, can be used to determine the frequency of vibration test, the purpose is to assess the product at a given risk frequency to withstand vibration.


Sweep test is mainly used for:

A) product vibration frequency response (ie, the initial resonance check): to determine the stability of the resonance point and work to find the product resonance frequency, to do vibration-resistant treatment.

B) Anti-sweep processing: When the product in the frequency range of the use of non-resonant point, or there are several significant resonance point, must be anti-sweep processing, sweeping processing in the low frequency band positioning shift amplitude, high frequency band Using the logarithmic continuous scan of the amplitude of the constant acceleration, the crossover frequency is generally 55-72Hz, and the sweep rate is usually carried out by one octave per minute.

C) Final Resonance Check: Check the same method with product vibration frequency response to check whether the resonance point of the product has been changed after the vibration treatment to determine the reliability of the product after the vibration treatment.



  • The typical impact test

Products in the processing, transportation and use of the process are often subject to a variety of transient impact load, the impact may cause product structure and performance damage or even failure. In order to determine the suitability of the product in the use and transportation process, it is necessary to carry out the simulated impact test of the product in the laboratory. The typical impact test function uses the transfer function equalization method to carry on the closed-loop control, supports all kinds of pulse type simulation.


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